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My name is Jack Yeakel. I am 42 years old and live in Flourtown PA with my wife and two daughters. I am creating this website to raise awareness for the Yeakel Cemetery.

I first heard about the cemetery while researching my family history. Some family members heard about the cemetery but didn’t know exactly where it was. I discovered its location and first visited the site around 1990. Access was very difficult. I had to bushwack through roughly a hundred yards of dense overgrowth and cross a small stream.

Through the years, in my spare time, I’ve researched the history of the site and have visited many times. Sometimes taking photos. I’ve talked about the cemetery to just about everyone I know and surprisingly few people are even aware this historic place exists. I hope that you will look at the other pages on this site and check back often as I plan on updating this site frequently.

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