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Tombstone Conservation Begins

Finally, after several years of gathering proposals, fund-raising and site preparation, work begins on the tombstones. Kristin Cardi, of Materials Conservation Co., led the team of conservators, technicians, and volunteers that worked at the cemetery over the course of several weeks in October.

A treatment program was created based on priorities identified by both the Yeakel Cemetery Preservation Committee and Materials Conservation during multiple site visits earlier this year.

Conservation treatments included resetting misaligned markers, mechanical repairs, grouting and filling areas of material loss, re-pointing open mortar joints, cleaning biological growth, and consolidating fragile markers.

The work completed this October is phase one of a three-part treatment program that will address each monument. Phase two is tentatively scheduled to take place this Spring and, through the generous support of donors like you, funds will be raised this year for Phase three!

Special thanks to:

Architectural Conservators: Kristin Cardi, Marco Federico, Leigh Hassler

Conservation Technician: Toby McQueston

Volunteers: Luca Dragani, Bethany Nevius

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