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Another Round of Tombstone Conservation

This spring, a second round of tombstone conservation took place at Yeakel Cemetery. Kristin Cardi, of Materials Conservation Co., having just completed treatment of Ben Franklin’s grave in Old City, once again led a team of conservators, technicians, and volunteers at Yeakel Cemetery.

This time the crew focused on the Northern section of the cemetery. Many grave markers had fallen and some were separated from their bases.

The team drilled out the old rusted iron rods and joined the stones to their bases using fiberglass dowels and epoxy.

Foundations were excavated and prepared with crushed stone for drainage. Then the assembled grave markers were reset level and plumb.

Finally, the tombstones were gently cleaned with a treatment of biocide.

More than half of the monuments have received high quality conservation treatment and the cemetery’s appearance has improved dramatically in recent years but more importantly, the careful steps that have been taken will help ensure this place will be around for future generations to enjoy. Only one more round of tombstone conservation is needed to complete the cemetery. Help us continue our mission by making a donation.

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